Residential RICS Home Surveys

We conduct residential surveys in Chichester, Emsworth, Bognor Regis and the surrounding areas of West Sussex and Hampshire.

Purchasing a home is a substantial financial commitment, so it's important to get it right and invest wisely. When buying a property, diligence is vital in today’s market. What may initially appear to be your dream home can become your worst nightmare.

Understanding the true condition of a property before you commit to purchase is essential if you are to avoid unexpected repair costs and disappointment once you move in.

Buying a property can be stressful, but for those who invest in professional advice, the risk of discovering unwelcome issues is significantly reduced. Forewarned is forearmed.

With over 20 years of trusted surveying experience, we are here to guide you through the purchase process and bring clarity to what can otherwise seem like a daunting decision. Our surveys will tell you the actual condition of the property and highlight the significance of any defects found. We will also advise on what action needs to be taken to rectify the issues highlighted in the survey report, and how soon each issue should be addressed.

All properties are unique. That's why we offer three different types of Home Survey, to ensure we can provide you with the right level of information and advice that's in keeping with the age, structure, and condition of the property.

During our initial consultation, we'll discuss the property with you, taking account of any specific concerns you may have, and your future plans for it.

Our Surveys

RICS Home Survey Level 2

The RICS Home Survey Level 2 (HomeBuyer Report) focuses on assessing the general condition of the property. It is best suited to properties that are:

  • built after 1970
  • of standard construction
  • in reasonable condition
  • not substantially extended or structurally modified
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RICS Home Survey Level 2 Plus

The RICS Home Survey Level 2 Plus (HomeBuyer Report) is an enhanced version of the RICS Level 2 survey with several additional valuable features including:

  • annotated photographs of issues
  • heating and drainage system observed in normal operation
  • all windows opened and inspected
  • loft insulation assessed for condition and energy efficiency
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RICS Home Survey Level 3

The RICS Home Survey Level 3 (RICS Building Survey) is our most comprehensive survey and focuses on assessing the specific condition of the property. This survey is best suited to properties that:

  • are greater than 50 years old
  • are in a poor state of repair
  • have undergone significant structural alteration
  • are of unusual construction
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Which survey is right for you?

View our guide to help you decide.

Inform yourself before committing

According to research conducted by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, buyers who don't invest in a pre-purchase survey spend around £5,750 rectifying issues they were unaware of prior to purchase. Our surveys start from £600, and will give you all the vital information you need about the condition of the property, prior to commitment to purchase.

Do not rely on a lender's valuation - it is JUST a valuation

If you're getting a mortgage, it's important to know that a mortgage valuation is not a survey. Its sole purpose is to advise your lender whether the property provides reasonable security for your loan. A valuation doesn't tell you what defects the property has, the implication of living with these issues and what’s involved in rectifying the problems. This is where we can help you.

The work we carry out on your behalf will provide the information you need to make a confident decision about your property purchase. Our surveys will advise on the actual condition of the property and explain the significance of defects found. We'll provide clarity on what steps should be taken to rectify the issues and how soon they should be addressed.

Help negotiate the final price

Our surveys provide vital information that can be invaluable during price negotiations. Most residential properties are sold subject to contract and survey. If the survey uncovers significant issues that were not apparent to you at the time of placing your offer, the information in the report provides a good basis for you to revise your offer, to reflect the cost of rectifying the problems.

Professional advice and reassurance when you need it

Our reports and advice provide the awareness needed to empower you to decide whether this is the right home for you. We enable you to evaluate any serious defects the property has and the associated risks before committing to the purchase. We help minimise the stress and uncertainty, providing you with straightforward advice you can trust.

When engaging the services of a surveyor, it is important to choose a professional with local knowledge of the geography and geology of the area, and one who possesses expertise in the type of property you’re looking to buy. This is where we can help you.

Typical stages of a survey with Antill & Co.

Step 1: Initial Consultation
Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll discuss the property with you and recommend which survey type is most suitable. We’ll ask if there are any particular concerns you have about the property and your future plans for it. We’ll provide a quotation for the survey and advise on our availability. After our initial discussion, we’ll send an email summarising our discussion and the quotation.

Information about the surveys we offer can be found here on our website. View our Home Survey Comparison Guide to help you decide which survey is most suitable for the property you’re looking to purchase.

Step 2: Instruction to carry out the survey
If you would like to proceed with a survey booking, the next stage is for you to instruct us, either verbally or in writing. We’ll send Terms of Engagement to you with payment details for your review and approval.

Step 3: Approval of Terms of Engagement
Approval of terms must be in writing, either by email or by hard copy in the post.

Step 4: Access Arrangements
Once the terms have been approved and payment for the survey has been received, we’ll contact the agent or vendor directly to make access arrangements. We’ll contact you to advise the date of the survey once access has been confirmed.

Step 5: Property Inspection Takes Place
A full and thorough inspection of the property is carried out by the surveyor.

Step 6: Preparation of the Survey Report
Once back in the office, the surveyor reflects on the findings of the inspection, site notes, and photographs, and writes up the survey report.

Step 7: Survey Report Issued
The completed survey report is issued to you via email (and any other person you request, such as your solicitor), together with annotated photos of defects and issues (our RICS Home Survey – Level 2 Plus and Level 3 are accompanied with annotated photos).

Step 8: Follow up Phone Call
Once you have read the survey report we offer a follow up phone call, or discussion via email to discuss any questions arising from the report.